Florida Friendly Landscaping and HOAs

Example of xeriscape landscaping in southwestern US - Photo: Bananas.org

Unless you are on the Board of Directors of a community’s homeowners association in Florida you are probably unaware of a publication titled “Florida Community Association Journal…educating Board Members and Managers”.  I was forwarded a digital copy by a colleague with specific reference to an article about Florida Friendly Landscaping (FFL) and HOAs.

With much controversy arising from the Florida Statutes pertaining to water conservation through FFL landscaping and some homeowners’ beliefs that a yard full of rocks and cacti is FFL, some education and team-building within an HOA can avoid lawsuits and excessive attorney’s fees for both parties.

The March 2012 issue of the magazine has an excellent article guiding homeowners associations through the process of understanding the Florida Statutes, building a team to determine what will landscaping requirements will work in each community, reducing the HOA’s landscape maintenance expenses and, finally, writing up-to-date landscaping guidelines for a community that will stand up in court.  Click here to read the complete article and start revamping your HOA landscaping guidelines.