Support Vilano Beach Community Garden April 9, 2013

Support Vilano Beach's Community Garden by shopping at Whole Foods at San Jose in Jacksonville, FL on 4/9/13. 5% of the day's sales will go towards the community garden.

A Loss Turns Into A Win For Consumers!

Notwithstanding the recent defeat of Proposition 37 (GMO labeling), government policy makers are jumping on the Label GMO bandwagon while many retailers are banding together to make a difference for the benefit of consumers.

Green-washing Natural Cereals

There certainly are a lot of loopholes in the labeling of the food we eat!  Unless you are armed with wealth of knowledge about ingredients, most rely on marketing terms like "natural", "pure", "gluten-free" and "organic" that show up in oversize letters on a box, can, or bag. After reading an article in the Environmental … Continue reading Green-washing Natural Cereals