Soapbox Sunday….

It is always hard to understand why a seemingly healthy person is suddenly diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening condition. There are so many other factors that enter into our health these days that we have to be vigilant about everything we introduce to our bodies and make informed decisions.

12 Household Cleaning Ingredients to Avoid

Some of the ingredients in household cleaners, laundry detergents, and even "green" cleaners like Simple Green and Clorox Greenworks can create a toxic indoor environment. Know these 12 ingredients and their effects before you buy any cleaning products.

GE Mosquitoes To Be Released in Florida!

Oxitech, a UK biotechnology firm, is planning the first US release of genetically engineered (GE) mosquitoes!  Who ever heard of those?  The release is planned this month in the Florida Keys!  Since the US is not a party to the Cartegena Protocol on BioSafety which governs international biotech regulation, it is unclear which US agency, … Continue reading GE Mosquitoes To Be Released in Florida!