Wine for the Eco-Minded Connoisseur

Ok, maybe I  became one of those "wine snobs" when I only chose wines bottled with corks.  I then realized wines might be greener if they had screw caps to save the cork trees so I opened my mind to screw top bottled wines.  Now I am having to re-visit my thoughts and consider "wine … Continue reading Wine for the Eco-Minded Connoisseur

8 Alternative Fuels That Could Replace Oil

Continuing with Recycle/Upcycle Fridays I ran across a piece in The DailyGreen with products that could replace oil for fueling our cars.  I was certainly appalled when I read about cars fueled with chocolate since it would be such a waste of good chocolate!  However most of the other alternatives fuels seem interesting, even if … Continue reading 8 Alternative Fuels That Could Replace Oil

10 Amazing Cardboard Sculptures

Talk about upcycling, Mark Langan has created some unbelievable cardboard art!  I cannot even imagine how much time was spent on these sculptures, but it amazes me what can be done with ordinary items and how ingenious artists have become with different mediums.  Featured in The DailyGreen take a look at the rest of the … Continue reading 10 Amazing Cardboard Sculptures