Do Green Houses cost more to build?

Continuing the green construction series by The GreenBuilding Advisor, this next article addresses the question I hear all the time - "Doesn't it cost more to build a green house?"  Find out how the cost to build a green house compares to conventional building and how you, the homeowner, can ultimately save money... Source:  The … Continue reading Do Green Houses cost more to build?

2011 Heart of Green Awards

Today is Earth Day 2011!  What better way to celebrate Earth Day 2011 with recognition to the Daily Green's Heart of Green Award winners.  Jane Goodall is the perfect Lifetime winner and the 14-year-old twins are amazing in their mission. Read about the wonderful book winner, restaurant, ideas and other Heart of Green 2011 winners... Source: … Continue reading 2011 Heart of Green Awards

Join the Billion Acts of Green®

The Billion Acts of Green® is simply a pledge by you as an individual, companies, organizations, etc. to incorporate an "act" to help save our planet.  Whether you choose to turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth, start or increase your recycling efforts, ride your bike to work, start a veggies garden … Continue reading Join the Billion Acts of Green®