Sad Day for Florida’s Waterways!

Photo: Susan Eastman/Folio Weekly

Maybe you are new to Florida or perhaps you have been here forever…do you know about the 1972 Clean Water Act and Florida’s lack of water pollution standards?

After the EPA told Florida they had to set water standards in 1998 to comply with the 1972 Clean Water Act, and, in 2008 no water pollution standards had been set, EPA agreed to step in.  On November 2, 2011 the EPA changed their mind and handed the ball back to Florida.  Where do you think Governor Rick Scott and the offenders stand on this issue?

Susan Eastman of Folio Weekly researched this latest blow to our waterways and wrote a great post in her “Flog”.  Click here to read her story and see how the big money polluters have won again.  And next summer don’t be surprised if you see even more algae in our waterways!