Many sunscreens may accelerate skin cancer!

With the arrival of spring in Florida and summer on it’s way I have been more aware and concerned about sunscreen ingredients and possible “unhealthy benefits” as toxins are absorbed through our skin.  At a recent “green” expo several vendors gave away sunscreen with their logos.  I picked up a couple and after reading an article in AOL News and looking at the Sunscreen Guide from EWG I immediately threw most of my sunscreens in the garbage.  Read the article on sunscreens from AOL News here…if you want to find out which sunscreens and moisturizers are healthier for you or if the one you use is a good one you can look it up on EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) sunscreen guide or download the free app to your iphone so the next time you go shopping you can look up the product before you buy!

Sources: AOL News, Environmental Working Group