Is The End of Organic Food In Sight?

Soybeans Photo: istock/Thinkstock

For organic food advocates like myself, I certainly hate reading an article discussing the increased cost or demise of organic food.  It seems as though 5 large bio-tech companies, Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Dow and DuPont have been quietly acquiring over 200 companies, seed companies.  What’s alarming about these acquisitions is the fact these major companies are obtaining patents on the seeds and now dominate the seed market worldwide.  Patents which do not need government approval or our votes.

With patents in place these corporate giants are able to produce GM (genetically modified) seeds and virtually eliminate the availability of any alternate seeds, including heirloom seeds.  You might think, “so what, it’s not a big deal”, but you should understand all the GM seeds produced need a higher percentage of pesticides and herbicides, mainly manufactured by guess who…those 5 bio-tech giants, with Monsanto by far the largest!

In the US, in 2009, GM soybeans accounted for 91% of soybean production followed by 85% of all corn produced was GM corn and 88% of all cotton produced is now GM cotton.  GM seeds were supposed to cut the cost of production and solve the world hunger problems and in reality the cost of growing GM foods have doubled!  The increased use of Monsanto’s Round-up for crops created super weeds which caused Monsanto to manufacture an even stronger/toxic version of Round-up which keeps the price of the seeds, the pesticides/herbicides and production of crops just going higher.

Organic farmers around the US have already been complaining about the lack of availability of non-GM seeds to grow organic food.  If you prefer to eat healthy, organic food (considered non-GM) instead of GM food which research has shown  food related illnesses doubled between 1994 and 2001 when GM seeds flooded the market, you do have a few options.  Continue buying organic foods, stop purchasing Monsanto products like Roundup and pesticides you may use around your house and spread the word about the monopoly of corporate giants owning the patents to seeds, forcing people and animals to consume GM foods.  Look for non-GM foods when you shop.  Read the eco-farmer’s letter, download a non-GM food guide and read even more about the GM monopoly in Dr. Mercola’s article….