The Greenest of Green Homes

In case you did not realize it, the greenest home begins with an existing home! Reduced construction debris dumped in our landfills and salvaged materials to reuse for new purposes is very green.  We Americans demolish approximately 250,000 houses a year…and they do not decompose very well!

A woman in NC decided to do something about it in her area by reducing the amount of waste clogging our landfills.  She created a non-profit organization called Builders of Hope in the Raleigh, NC area dedicated to moving and rebuilding “tear-downs” while also upgrading the energy efficiency of those homes.  The homes are affordable and allow folks who may not be able to afford a house find a home.

Nancy’s ideas are spreading to other areas in NC as well as Atlanta.  I certainly hope her organization goes viral and spreads as far as possible!  She has done a remarkable job already…kudos!  Read more about Nancy Murray’s rescued homes in Wanda Urbanska’s Natural Home article. Don’t miss the “image gallery” of photos next to the main photo in the article….they are amazing!

Source: Wanda Urbanska, Natural Home Magazine