Eco-awareness…a mindset!

Walking my dog around the neighborhood this week has been a "New Year" eye-opening experience.  Even though most folks make an effort to reduce landfill waste by recycling I was disappointed on my "garbage day" walk this week.  There were multiple garbage cans by the street, stuffed with compostable cardboard boxes, bottles, cans, gift cards, … Continue reading Eco-awareness…a mindset!

15 Earth Month Tips That Make a Difference!

Even when you think you have done everything you can for the least amount of dollars another article provides a couple more money-saving tips that cost very little. Check out these 15 tips for some easy DIY projects that will save you money and help our planet.... Credit:  The DailyGreen

Eco-Living 101

Paige Wolfe wrote an article providing some basic definitions of sustainable good I don't need to write my own!  She also provides some good sources related to each topic.  Read more...