Do You Know What You Are Eating?

Know what the PLU codes mean when choosing your produce.
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Did you know that over 50 countries now require labeling of Genetically Modified (GMO) foods yet the United States is not one of those countries?  I won’t go into details now about how other countries do not let big companies like Monsanto control the health of the population, but you can read one of my previous posts if you want to know more, by clicking here.

If you are not already familiar with reading the PLU codes on produce, now is time for you to be aware that you can at least make healthy choices when buying produce if you are not already buying organic.  Check out those tiny sticker labels and you will find what is called a PLU (Price Look Up) number.  They are either 4 or 5 digits.  The 4 or 5 digit numbers in the “3000s” indicates the produce was grown conventionally which means fertilizers, pesticides, etc used by the large corporate farmers.  PLUs with 5 digits can be your friend or your enemy so be certain you know the difference.  Your safest bet, health-wise, is to choose produce that has a 5 digit PLU number beginning with “9”.  If you see a 5 digit PLU with the first number an “8” that means you are buying genetically modified produce, more than likely grown with Monsanto’s GMO seeds.  To ensure I reduce my risk of eating GMO produce I stick with “9” on the PLU code if I buy produce from a store.

California is trying to require GMO labeling through Proposition 37 in the upcoming election.  As of September 17th, Monsanto has spent $7.1 MILLION to defeat Proposition 37.  That seems like an incredible amount of money until you realize what Monsanto stands to make with all of our crops becoming genetically modified!  If you want to “catch up” on what’s being done to require GMO labeling, watch a couple eye-opening videos or just learn more about the possible effects of consuming GMO foods, Dr. Mercola has written an easy-to-understand article about GMOs.  Click here to read the article, otherwise just enter “GMO” in the search field of your favorite search engine and read articles of your choice.

Start being choosey if you aren’t already and be armed with as much knowledge as possible.  Remember, large corporations don’t care about your health…it’s up to you!