The Twelve Days of a Green Christmas – third day


...On the third day of Christmas my green friend gave to me...three wax wraps...two re-purposed pallets...and a smart ther-mo-stat!

Green your Pantry: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

As I just emptied my pantry to clean, I happened to read a very timely article about greening my pantry.  Some of the items I planned to return to the shelves will now be discarded as well as changing some of my storage solutions after reading some eye-opening information from Dan Shapley. Read the DailyGreen … Continue reading Green your Pantry: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

Are you still drinking bottled water?

If you are still buying and drinking bottled water, you should read this article from  Not only overloading our landfills with un-recycled plastic, bottled water has many health risks associated with it.  Find a link to fresh, natural water also.  Read more here....