Are Solar Panels Right For You?

One Block Off The Grid logo

The innovative company, One Block Off the Grid, has developed a solar calculator for homeowners to help determine if solar panels are worth the investment by calculating the payback period.  One Block Off the Grid gathers homeowner groups interested in solar panels and then negotiates group deals for the installation of the panels.  Not only do you get a group discount you also benefit from the expertise of this solar group, eliminating some confusion in the process.

Had this calculator been available when I began remodeling my 1950’s ranch 5 years ago, I would definitely have added solar panels to my project. Unfortunately I was influenced by the “experts” in the local industries.  I should have realized their lack of knowledge about the subject is what prompted their negative responses.

Click here to use this Solar Calculator to decide if solar upgrades are a good investment for you.  Also, be sure to check One Block Off The Grid’s homepage to see if there are any group discounts available in your area.  When I looked at my area I was surprised  to see the number of people interested in solar and waiting for enough to get a group discount.  There is much more solar information on this website as well as available discounts and financing opportunities.