Summer, the Beach and Clean Water

Photo: Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

As the heat of summer descends upon us, more people think about going to the beach. This is the first year since my knee surgery that I am able to walk on the beach and I am walking in shallow water as part of my physical therapy.

There are always families with dogs and babies in diapers enjoying the water and the beach.  The ocean is usually a beautiful aqua color which makes me wonder how there could be any bacteria out there, possible sources and how clean is the water really.

The DailyGreen posted an interesting article about sources of bacteria, possible solutions and a link to the Natural Resources Defense Council’s annual report on the water quality of our beaches.  Naturally I checked the beach I frequent and felt much better after finding the waters are tested on a weekly basis and so far the water looks good.  If you are fortunate enough to live near the ocean or you are planning a vacation to the beach this summer check your destination beach. Continue reading “Summer, the Beach and Clean Water”