Top Ingredients to Avoid in Personal Care Products

Photo: Natural Home and Garden

With everything I’m learning about unhealthy ingredients and more people I talk with who have developed conditions, diseases or cancers, I find myself being more vigilant about the products I buy.  I did not go into my bathroom and throw everything out but I did look at everything again and found other uses for some of the products I had, like using facial cleansers for cleaning non-living items.  Products with past expiration dates went into the garbage or recycle bin.

I have vowed to purchase “cleaner” products when replacing them.  I do think about the sometimes higher cost and then I remind myself how long the product will last and the alternative of medical care down the road should I develop a condition from an accumulation of toxic substances in my body.

Less than 20% of chemicals in our personal care products are tested for safety and the US Food and Drug Administration does not impose any limits on ingredients in cosmetics!  The Cosmetics industry has their own guidelines and companies can choose to follow guidelines or not.  So the label can say “natural”, safe”, “safe for children”, “organic”, “pure”, etc. and the product can contain every toxin known!

If you don’t care what toxic ingredients are in your products, at least watch the video: The Story of Cosmetics.  If this video doesn’t open your eyes to the dangers of your personal care products, I don’t know what will.

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