Update – Duval County HOA Files Motion For Appeal!

Just when everyone thought the Duval County HOA vs Homeowners with Florida Friendly landscaping was over after the Judge denied a request for a re-hearing, the HOA attorney filed an appeal to have the case heard at a higher level!

Update to Florida Friendly Landscapes and HOAs

If you haven't joined the Facebook group "Homeowners For Florida Friendly Yards" you probably aren't aware of all the recent conversations about upcoming hearings, more homeowners being sued by their HOAs and increases in HOA Directors' insurance and huge deductibles after one lawsuit was won by the homeowner.

The Yard Next Door!

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Sidles in Jacksonville and see their FFL Gold (Florida Friendly Landscape) 2-year-old installation.  This picture really doesn't do the landscape justice.  I could not believe how beautiful everything looked and how the perennial peanut looked with lush green leaves and the happiest yellow-orange little flowers!  This … Continue reading The Yard Next Door!