Your Energy-Efficient Home Is Now Worth More!

For years homes built or retrofitted with energy efficient upgrades did not include the value of those features in a residential home appraisal.  The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has just introduced a three page addendum to include the additional value of the energy efficient features of a property.

With appraisers now able to use a standardized form to include the values of energy efficient features it will become much easier to track the percentage of increased value.  It has been estimated that a home with energy efficient upgrades appraises approximately 8% more than a similar home without upgrades.   Homeowners who have made investments in energy-efficient upgrades reap the daily benefits of these improvements with lower utility bills and healthier lives due to better indoor air quality and now, finally, homeowners will begin to realize a higher return on their investment when they are ready to sell. Continue reading “Your Energy-Efficient Home Is Now Worth More!”