Get Your Fall Garden Planted…It’s Not Too Late!

Photo: Virginia Hamrick / Istock

Last year I learned about the varied flavors of swiss chard after buying “unfamiliar” vegetables at the Farmers’ Market.  I enjoyed it so much I planted several swiss chard plants in late December.  I was concerned about the cold weather but I had an ongoing crop until June!   I also grew hydroponic  baby lettuce which is definitely a favorite of mine!

This year I want to get on a better “planting schedule” so I am getting my “bed” ready by covering it with clear plastic for about 6 weeks.  I learned this step kills nematodes in the soil at a recent Native Plant workshop.  What can it hurt, other than the nematodes which are one of a gardener’s biggest problems in Florida. The plan is to remove the plastic and get the seeds sowed by mid-September so I can enjoy lettuce and swiss chard by Halloween!  You may think it’s too late to plant your fall garden, but it really isn’t if you know which veggies to plant.  If you really miss the planting season try growing “green manure” for your spring garden…  Continue reading “Get Your Fall Garden Planted…It’s Not Too Late!”