The Countdown to Christmas

Photo credit: Of the Earth

With Thanksgiving over, Black Friday past and Cyber Monday in full swing the countdown to Christmas begins, especially for shoppers!  Hopefully you supported the second “Shop Local” event on Saturday to begin your holiday shopping, which is a great beginning to help your local economy through local businesses.  Keep shopping locally throughout the year if you really want to help small businesses.

With the economy and families still struggling, with just a little thought there are gifts that can mean so much more this holiday season.  During the “years of plenty” most of us just purchased gifts to give people without much thought because everyone we knew seemed to have an abundance of “things”.  In these times we can now focus on what our family and friends really need or will appreciate.

Here are some of my ideas for gift-giving for those we care about.  Most of my ideas revolve around gifts that can be used rather than packed away in a drawer or closet. Continue reading “The Countdown to Christmas”