Natural weed killers that work!

Last night I watched a new commercial for Round-Up Plus or Super made by Monsanto.  The previous version of Round-Up apparently no longer works as weeds have adapted to the chemical solution.  This new super weed killer lasts up to 4 months which means it permeates our soils, seeps into our water tables and poisons … Continue reading Natural weed killers that work!

Monsanto in the news again!

Monsanto's Round-up is in the news again.  If you use Round-up and believe it is the best thing since sliced bread please read this Reuters article about Monsanto and Round-up.  The main ingredient, glyphosate, has come under attack in many forms, one being a number of lawsuits.  Millions Against Monsanto is a non-profit group spreading the … Continue reading Monsanto in the news again!