Monsanto Charged with Bio-pirarcy For GM Eggplant

India's Biological Diversity Act (BDA), enacted in 2002, has apparently been violated by Monsanto in their efforts to create a genetically modified (GM) eggplant.  The BDA requires that any entity attempting to use a native plant for commercial or research purposes must first get approval from the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA); the Act is in force specifically … Continue reading Monsanto Charged with Bio-pirarcy For GM Eggplant

Making a Difference

Recently we saw the power of the public and internet in turning a proposed Senate bill, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) into a bill no Senator or Congressman wanted to even discuss.  As a result this poor attempt at addressing internet piracy will be researched further before introducing another bill.  The January 18, 2012 black-outs … Continue reading Making a Difference