It’s Your Right To Know!

What if you discovered you had a medical condition that resulted in severe migraine headaches every time you ate food that had, for example, MSG (monosodium glutamate) as an ingredient.  It wouldn't matter if a Doctor told you of your reaction to MSG or if you discovered it on your own.   If MSG was … Continue reading It’s Your Right To Know!

Do You Know About The 2012 Farm Bill?

Only once every 5 years do we have the opportunity to effect change in the foods we buy! This is that year with an opportunity to become informed on what the upcoming proposed Farm Bill will mean to your health, your food and the environment. Once you know how the bill will affect you, it's up to you if you want to contact your representatives to voice your opinion or let the large conglomerates continue getting wealthier at the cost of our health and the environment.

Monsanto Charged with Bio-pirarcy For GM Eggplant

India's Biological Diversity Act (BDA), enacted in 2002, has apparently been violated by Monsanto in their efforts to create a genetically modified (GM) eggplant.  The BDA requires that any entity attempting to use a native plant for commercial or research purposes must first get approval from the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA); the Act is in force specifically … Continue reading Monsanto Charged with Bio-pirarcy For GM Eggplant