Garden Hardiness Zones are Changing

I hear folks in different parts of the country saying “we never used to have this kind of weather and it keeps changing…”.  We’ve all noticed changes and our food crops are also susceptible to these changes… I learned of experimental peach orchards here in Florida and seem to remember from years ago Georgia being the furthest south for peach trees.  The Florida-Friendly Yards‘ mantra “the right plant in the right place” is always on my mind when I add something new to my gardens and the need for an updated Garden Hardiness Zone map is important for many gardeners.

The last USDA zone map was updated in 1990 and the last Arbor Day map was updated in 2006. Supposedly a revision to the USDA map is due this year. Hopefully budget cuts will not eliminate that possibility.

I learned quite a bit about the zone maps from the article Jennifer Weeks of TheDailyGreen group wrote recently.  She explains the history of the zone maps and their value in this great article about the maps.   Learn more about the value of the hardiness zone maps and what to expect in the revised one….

Credits: Jennifer Weeks, TheDailyGreen, Florida Friendly Yards, ArborDay