HOA Files Lawsuit For Florida Friendly Landscaping!

A Duval County Homeowners Association decided to file a lawsuit against a couple who installed a Florida Friendly yard and received a Gold certification, the first residential Gold certification in Duval County! Bring back the St. Augustine grass the HOA lawsuit says!

Florida Friendly Landscaping and HOAs

With much controversy arising from the Florida Statutes pertaining to water conservation through FFL landscaping and some homeowners' beliefs that a yard full of rocks and cacti is FFL, some education and team-building within an HOA can avoid lawsuits and excessive attorney's fees for both parties.

St. Augustine Florida Friendly Landscape Update

I have to begin by saying "Kudos" to the Zambranos, in St. Augustine, for holding fast to their commitment to create a Florida Friendly Yard...thank you! By far this was the most impressive appeal I have seen!  The supporting paperwork, pictorial renderings of the yard and their communication was great! The ARC Appeal Hearing was … Continue reading St. Augustine Florida Friendly Landscape Update