More HOAs Rejecting Florida Statute

I’ve learned of a few more homeowners who have modified their yards to the Florida Friendly Landscape guidelines and are now fighting their HOAs for their right to plant a more drought tolerant and water-saving landscape.  Florida Statute 720.3075 was originally written in 2001 allowing homeowners the ability to install landscapes based on Florida Friendly Landscape guidelines and revised in 2009 to deny HOAs from enforcing any fines.

As it seems folks from other areas of Florida are facing problems with their HOAs I decided to set up a Facebook group so issues can be discussed and everyone can keep up with what others are having to deal with when they try to do the right thing.  We can learn from each other, so share your stories and help someone else.

The group is called Homeowners for Florida Friendly Yards.  Either click on the name of the group or go to your FB page and search for the group name and support everyone’s right to be good stewards of our waterways!

Thank you for your support!