It’s Only A Label!

It doesn't make much sense that companies like Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences campaigned so heavily against labeling GMOs with one of the reasons being the expense of labeling GMOs when they spent over $20 million in Oregon,  $27 million in Colorado and $8 million in Hawaii to defeat the proposed legislature!

Soapbox Sunday….

It is always hard to understand why a seemingly healthy person is suddenly diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening condition. There are so many other factors that enter into our health these days that we have to be vigilant about everything we introduce to our bodies and make informed decisions.

Top Ingredients to Avoid in Personal Care Products

With everything I'm learning about unhealthy ingredients and more people I talk with who have developed conditions, diseases or cancers, I find myself being more vigilant about the products I buy.  I did not go into my bathroom and throw everything out but I did look at everything again and found other uses for some … Continue reading Top Ingredients to Avoid in Personal Care Products