European Study Links GMOs To Tumors

Monsanto, the company that manufactured Agent Orange for the Vietnam War, developed Round-Up tolerant GM corn which has been linked to tumors in a 2-year study completed by scientists at the University of Caen, Institute of Biology, in France.

Have A Happy Green and Non-GMO Thanksgiving!

Only a day away from a favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, it's still not too late to green your Thanksgiving day routine and eliminate as many GMO (genetically modified/engineered) ingredients from your meal. If you have already bought all the fixings for your meal, you can feel pretty safe if you bought bought all organic foods and … Continue reading Have A Happy Green and Non-GMO Thanksgiving!

Too Much Sugar In Your Cereal?

With so much emphasis on childhood diabetes, overweight children and the unhealthy foods served in school cafeterias, what about the breakfasts children (or you) eat?  Mornings are usually a mad rush to get everyone out the door on time and breakfast is often viewed as a "filler" until lunch.  If cereal is part of your … Continue reading Too Much Sugar In Your Cereal?