The Twelve Days of a Green Christmas – Twelfth Day


...On the twelfth day of Christmas my green friend gave to me...12 essential oils...eleven bags of mulch...ten qigong lessons...nine mystery plants...eight light milkweed plants...a six pack of beer...five pairs of slippers...four chocolate bars...three holly trees...two vent fans...and a new doorbell!

Repel those pesky mosquitoes – naturally!

With the onslaught of rains from Tropical Storm Debby the mosquitoes are emerging by the hundreds, at least in my area. Not wanting to use DEET based products I have been mixing essential oils which have worked well. Learn more about mosquito deterrents and how to make your own.

Easing bug bites and skin irritations naturally

As our rainy season descends upon us I'm encountering more mosquitoes, wasps and other annoying bugs that seem to enjoy biting me while I work outside.  I normally run into the house looking for Benadryl when stung by a wasp or just scratch an itchy bug bite until my skin is bright red or starts … Continue reading Easing bug bites and skin irritations naturally