It’s Only A Label!

It doesn't make much sense that companies like Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences campaigned so heavily against labeling GMOs with one of the reasons being the expense of labeling GMOs when they spent over $20 million in Oregon,  $27 million in Colorado and $8 million in Hawaii to defeat the proposed legislature!

Soapbox Sunday….

It is always hard to understand why a seemingly healthy person is suddenly diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening condition. There are so many other factors that enter into our health these days that we have to be vigilant about everything we introduce to our bodies and make informed decisions.

Have A Happy Green and Non-GMO Thanksgiving!

Only a day away from a favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, it's still not too late to green your Thanksgiving day routine and eliminate as many GMO (genetically modified/engineered) ingredients from your meal. If you have already bought all the fixings for your meal, you can feel pretty safe if you bought bought all organic foods and … Continue reading Have A Happy Green and Non-GMO Thanksgiving!