BP Oil Announces $7.8 Billion Settlement in Deepwater Horizon Accident

The most recent BP Oil settlement with individuals and businesses addresses the economic losses and medical issues associated with the Deepwater Horizon accident and spill.

Win Recognition for Your College’s Environmental Program

Whether you have children or grand children in college or you just want to help your Alma Mater receive recognition for their environmental programs and efforts, the March Madness tournament is set to begin.  The winning school will receive $5,000 and the department head will win an all-expenses-paid trip to San Diego to attend the … Continue reading Win Recognition for Your College’s Environmental Program

New Light Bulbs Hit The Shelves This Year

Have you been following the "Light Bulb Ban" articles, legislation and finally the postponement in October, 2011?  Well, the good news is those new bulbs will be available this year, mainly manufactured by forward-thinking companies.  Click here to read The Environmental Leader's article on the new Light Bulb availability and reasons for derailment last year.