10 Myths About Being Green At Home

I found this piece by Keith Pandolfi in This Old House which goes through 10 myths about saving energy at home.  Even if you think you know every energy thief in your home you might be surprised about some of the "thieves" that really are stealing energy!  See what small changes you can make to … Continue reading 10 Myths About Being Green At Home

Happy Summer Solstice!

Today is the day FPL arrived to install a remote device to be able to turn off my A/C unit for up to 3 hours a day during peak hours of electric usage from April to October.  There are other options like 15 minutes of every hour, but I decided to see how the 3 … Continue reading Happy Summer Solstice!

Landscape Trees for Energy Savings

Not only do trees add curb appeal to your home, they offer several other benefits with indoor comfort and energy savings as the most valuable.  Where to plant those trees and how many are just a couple tips you will learn from HGTV's Video.  Watch the video to learn about placement of trees for the best … Continue reading Landscape Trees for Energy Savings