Tax Increase Prevention Act Approved

Last week the House approved H.R. 5771, the Tax Increase Prevention Act which will extend numerous tax bills that expired during 2014. Many of these affected the housing industry.

What is “green certification” and why get certified?

With "green" being one of the hottest topics, thanks to high fossil fuel prices, there is an over-abundance of "green-washing" in everyday living and products.  "Green-washing" is the practice of marketing a product or service with "green, energy efficient or sustainable" terms when those products may not really save energy, be sustainable or do not … Continue reading What is “green certification” and why get certified?

What’s wrong with the way regular houses are built?

Not to say conventional building techniques have produced sub-standard houses, but rather, conventionally constructed houses frequently did not address energy savings, indoor air quality or the amount of waste produced during construction. Read more about conventionally built houses in this next article in the GreenBuildingAdvisor series... Source:  GreenBuildingAdvisor