15 Earth Month Tips That Make a Difference!

Even when you think you have done everything you can for the least amount of dollars another article provides a couple more money-saving tips that cost very little. Check out these 15 tips for some easy DIY projects that will save you money and help our planet.... Credit:  The DailyGreen

Beyond plastic and glass – Recycling Tips

Previously I posted a couple websites offering local sources for your recycling needs.  As recycling takes a more prominent place in our society more questions arise as to ways to recycle items not currently accepted by local recycle companies.  This article from Natural Home provides useful information and sources when trying to locate a recycling … Continue reading Beyond plastic and glass – Recycling Tips

3 Solutions to Electronic Waste

I know I am not the only one who has wondered what to do with my old computers, electronics and other gadgets without adding to our landfills.  This article from Natural Home provides 3 solutions and links to companies who will take care of those unwanted electronics for you.  Read more...