7 Ways to Make your Beach Visit More Eco-Friendly

Photo Credit: Bob Sterfko/Getty Images

OK, so my mind is still on summer and the beach and what we can do to lessen our impact on the environment.  So often we don’t think about the consequences of our daily routines or actions and how those actions may affect our environment beyond recycling, wasting natural resources and our general health.  The “greener” I get, the more my eyes are opened and I say “WOW, I didn’t think about that”.

So back to your trip to the beach…there is the obvious like don’t leave your trash on the beach and then there are other things that require an awareness. Think about these things on your next visit to the beach.  Even though the list of 7  is directed to going to the beach, it doesn’t take much to relate it to your trip to the lake or river and doing your part to be responsible for yourself. Continue reading “7 Ways to Make your Beach Visit More Eco-Friendly”