What is “Xeriscape” and why is it important?

I am amazed at the number of people who are either unaware (my choice) or don’t care about water conservation.  Even those who recognize their well water pressure has dropped tremendously over the past decade and those who lament about water levels in lakes and ponds do not associate water conservation with these issues.  Daily I watch individuals and city utility companies watering their yards (including the streets) and planting grass that requires water, chemicals and maintenance.  People don’t seem to complain until their wallets “speak out”, i.e. gas reaching $4 per gallon seems to have opened some eyes…how much will the water we use have to cost before we open our eyes?

As my friend in Jacksonville continues his “challenge” with the Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Board of Directors and Architectural committees more of his neighbors are becoming aware of his dilemma, which is the positive effect so far. He has created a beautiful backyard and has been diligently working on his front yard when he received a certified letter last week ordering him to “cease and desist”.   The HOA provided him a copy of their “revised” Florida Friendly Yard guidelines, which is against Florida Statutes.  Here is a man who is eliminating chemicals from his lakefront yard and reducing his water needs, who has already received the Florida Friendly Yards’ Gold certificate (first one in Duval County and also required by the HOA) and he now receives a cease and desist order from the HOA?  Something is very wrong with this scenario and until more residents become aware of their landscape options this type of “bullying” will continue.  Learn about xeriscapes in this segment from the Green Construction series and PLEASE…add your comments to this post about your “roadblock” in conserving water .

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