Decoding Food Labels and Lies

Photo: The DailyGreen

Walking through the grocery store the other day I was looking for shredded coconut for a new recipe.  There were several brands available so I started looking at the ingredients to make a final decision, knowing I did not want any sugar.  There were other ingredients which I did not recognize so the one with the least number of ingredients ended up in the basket.  Arriving at home I looked up the unrecognized ingredient and found it was also used in pesticide treatments.  Needless to say the shredded coconut stayed in the bag and was returned to the store manager with my comments.

Deciphering labels still requires some research for me and probably most of you. Dan Shapely from The DailyGreen has written a good, comprehensive article about 9 Food Lies that unravels some of the mystery and may alter some of your shopping habits.  Click here to read the fascinating article….