Healthy Changes Forecast for 2013

By the end of January many have forgotten New Year's resolutions that were made last year or in early January. Now with the holidays a distant memory you can again focus on those "good-for-you" things you wanted to work on this year...

Have A Happy Green and Non-GMO Thanksgiving!

Only a day away from a favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, it's still not too late to green your Thanksgiving day routine and eliminate as many GMO (genetically modified/engineered) ingredients from your meal. If you have already bought all the fixings for your meal, you can feel pretty safe if you bought bought all organic foods and … Continue reading Have A Happy Green and Non-GMO Thanksgiving!

NRDC Announces Winners Of Growing Green Awards

As it becomes harder to maintain healthy, sustainable farming practices which eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in production and genetically modified (GM) seeds to grow organic crops, the winners of the NRDC "Growing Green" Awards deserve recognition for their on-going efforts. The panel of distinguished judges chose these well-deserving companies who have made a difference in the sustainable food arena. Read the full article to really appreciate what these individuals and companies have done for us.