14 Ways To A Healthier Yard

Photo: This Old House

As temperatures hover in the 70’s I find myself lured into the yard to continue working on the redesign of my landscaping that I began in the fall.  I have several low spots where water accumulates ankle-deep during a rain event, other areas which are parched from the sun and areas that don’t receive enough rain or sun.  I’m always reading articles about landscaping, especially pertaining to sustainability as I don’t want to pay the high cost of city water to irrigate my yard nor do I wish to deplete our water supplies by using any more than I can gather from the rain.

In California and Nevada residents are getting paid to reduce their water consumption by revamping their lush lawns with drought tolerant native plants and hardscaping.  While the utility companies in Florida are not paying any residents it may become the wave of the future, who knows?  I ran across an compilation of 14 articles from This Old House which covers topics like wildflower gardens, lawnless yards, rainwater barrels, mowers and several other interesting articles including the one about getting paid to not grow grass…of course that was the first one I read 🙂  Click here to see the compilation of articles and read those of interest….