Are You A Citizen Science Contributor?

Photo: Jeroen Peys/ Istock

Citizen science was born in on Christmas Day in 1900 when a man named Frank Chapman decided to interact with birds in a different way from the norm, which was killing them.  Chapman, an officer in the then-young Audubon Society, decided to instead organize citizens to help count birds.  Hence the term “citizen science” and the “Christmas Day Bird Count” project were born.

Not only a great way for children and adults to contribute valuable information and save taxpayers money, citizen science is a way to appreciate the outdoors!  The has provided a list of different citizen science projects which anyone can become involved and contribute valuable data.  There are spider, bird, monarch butterfly, earthquake, sunflowers, frogs, bats, fish and many other organizations trying to collect data to understand different living species (and weather) and how they are affected by our climate changes.  By participating in  some of these projects you can contribute data just from your backyard watches or when on vacation this can become a family project.  Citizen Science projects are a great way to “give back” with little to no expense incurred but lots of information about a species you may really enjoy.

Why not make a New Year’s resolution to help on of your favorite species, like the beautiful Monarch butterfly?  Click here to read about 25 of the different citizen projects that could use your help…. and 25 ways to enjoy the outdoors!