Earth Day Everyday?

Whether you agree "climate change" exists, a shortage of pure water, too many toxic chemicals in our soils, greenhouse gases eroding the ozone layer or you think everything is just fine, today is a day one more person may become aware of an environmental problem and take one step towards improving the situation.

Are Organic Farmers Short On Water?

I ran across this article in the NY Times about organic farmers in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico who are not able to grow their crops because they don't have enough water.  Although it is a sad plight for the farmers who have been able to make a living with organic produce most of it … Continue reading Are Organic Farmers Short On Water?

Eco-friendly Holiday Travel Tips

Even if you are not involved with, a website promoting greener life habits, these eco-friendly travel tips will still help you become more environmentally aware.  From *Choose a train over a plane for a short trip and earn 50 points, plus you’ll be one step closer to earning the Conscious Consumer badge sponsored by our partner Climate … Continue reading Eco-friendly Holiday Travel Tips