Saying Goodbye…and Hello!

Twenty Eleven…it’s hard to believe another year has past!  It seems like only last month I held a workshop at a national conference for Innkeepers on making their hospitality properties greener, attracting eco-minded guests and cutting their operating expenses.  Returning from the conference at the end of January, I learned my father had been admitted into the hospital for an abnormal level of potassium leading to medications which resulted in another condition that led to his passing on St. Patrick’s Day.  Losing a parent or loved one certainly can lead one to re-evaluate life, purpose and goals.  My Dad’s passing made me more passionate about how I wish to live the remaining days and years of my life.

February found me immersed in a dispute between a Homeowners’ Association Board and a couple who had submitted plans to make their yard “Florida Friendly” to reduce their use of pesticides, fertilizers and most importantly, water!  Trying to shed light on the values of and for a community embracing Florida Friendly Landscaping principles fell on deaf ears.  As the year ends mediation continues while the homeowners have a beautiful, drought-tolerant yard which reduced their water bill by 40%!  Continue reading “Saying Goodbye…and Hello!”