Black Eyed Peas For Good Luck?

Photo: Newscom
I was talking with a friend earlier this week about New Year’s traditional foods.  I mentioned eating black-eyed peas which was unfamiliar to my friend.  Even though I grew up in the north I knew it was a Southern tradition, but didn’t know anything else about it.  Thanks to my third cousin, Sandi, I received the story of this tradition earlier this week.
While searching for a photo I ran across a couple recipes that call for a “dime” in the dish, probably for wealth – in the south you add “greens” for wealth.  I wasn’t able to make black-eyed peas for the past 2 years due to complications from a surgery and I sure missed the good luck!  This year I’ve got my “Hoppin’ John” dish (with collard greens for “wealth”) ready, some sauerkraut and some other New Year traditional food.  I will definitely be “eating for good luck” this New Year’s Day 🙂
Continue reading to learn the history of black-eyed peas and good luck in the New Year…and add your favorite “good luck” food in the comments below.  Happy New Year! Continue reading “Black Eyed Peas For Good Luck?”