Treecycling For Your Christmas Tree

Photo: Amanda Wills/Earth911

The EPA estimates about 33 million Christmas trees are sold every year while the debate about real vs. artificial trees continues.  By the way, did you know the first artificial tree was made by a toilet bowl brush company?  When you read about the value of treecycling you will wonder which option is better…a real or artificial tree, especially if the artificial tree came from China.

Many cities and towns offer curbside pick-up of your tree and others offer a location to drop your tree.  If you have never treecycled before make this year your first!  Click here to read Leah Blunt’s article about Treecycling and find a treecycling service near you on’s extensive database…  Be sure to also click on the links in the article for some interesting information like how the Rockefeller Tree is recycled…it made me feel better about cutting down a 75 year old tree for decoration!