Recycling obstacles and solutions

I like this article from TheDailyGreen with pictures of the different recycling numbers on plastics.  This visual helps sort out your recycling items.  Click here for the article…

To continue with my mission of taking plastics to AnJ Recycling (our locally owned recyclers) at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday…I arrived with items not picked up by the city’s waste department.  I had the misconception that the items not picked up was due to the possible toxic levels of ingredients.  After an interesting conversation with Adam about the different types of plastics and the reasons they are not collected, it all boiled down to one thing…they are not currently being used in any recycled products…hence they have no value…so I came home with half of what was in the bag!!

Hmmm…the city pays a company to pick up only the recycling materials they can resell and we pay more for the recycling service.  I can understand private individuals operating on this level, but city services that I, as a tax-payer, pay for through my water bill?

OK, I know I can’t change the way the city does things in one little step so I will continue with my quest to find a recycler through

I did learn AnJ Recyclers will be holding a large recycle drive on January 8, 2011 at the Ponce de Leon Mall for many items including electronics. Most of the proceeds from selling what is collected will be donated to charities.  What a great way to donate to a charity and not overload our landfills with holiday wrappings, styrofoam, boxes, etc!  I hope you will consider contributing your recyclables on January 8, 2011 if you are in the St. Augustine area or look for a recycle event in your area.

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