2012’s Top 10 Most Polluted US Cities

Much work has been done to reduce the amount of pollution in our cities yet there is still more work needed.  Every year the American Lung Association ranks the top US cities for pollution in 3 categories. Ranked by either short-term particle pollution, long-term particle pollution  or ozone pollution the American Lung Association ranked these 10 cities as one of the top ten most cities in the US with the most year-round particle pollution for their 2012 study.  Their rankings include the number of cardiovascular cases as well as their ranking in the most ozone polluted list of cities.  While you might think Los Angeles, CA ranks number 1, it no longer holds that ranking although several CA cities are in the top 5.

10.  Philadelphia, PA
 9.   Louisville, KY
 8.   Cincinnati, OH
 7.   Phoenix, AZ
 6.   Pittsburgh, PA
 5.   Fresno, CA
 4.   Visalia, CA
 3.   Los Angeles, CA
 2.   Hanford, CA
 1.   Bakersfield, CA

View a summary of cities and the number of cardiovascular cases in the CNN Money article and find out where these cities rank in the most ozone polluted list by clicking here…  The American Lung Association also provides a list of those groups of people who are most at risk in each of the cities.  To find out which groups are at risk click here and select the city you wish to learn more about…