Light Bulb Ban around the World?

Photo: Christine Balderas / Istock

Do you know nations around the world have enacted lighting efficiency standards, including the US in 2007? From Wikipedia: Brazil and Venezuela started to phase them (incandescent bulbs) out in 2005, and the European Union, Switzerland and Australia started to phase them out in 2009. Likewise, other nations are planning scheduled phase-outs:  Argentina, Russia, and Canada in 2012, and Malaysia in 2014.

Talk Radio hosts and congressional constituents nicknamed the legislation a “bulb ban”, forcing consumers to buy CFL bulbs and restricting freedom of choice, when in reality the legislation was written to conserve energy through updated lighting standards…not too different from legislation for auto makers to reduce carbon, increase gas mileage, etc.

The House is voting this week to repeal the 2007 legislation on lighting efficiency standards probably because the mistaken belief is we will all be forced to buy the twisty, hard to dim CFL bulbs or the very expensive LED bulbs.  Not so, there are incandescent light bulbs available at very reasonable prices that do meet the 2007 lighting standards.  Consider the legislation an upgrade to manufacturing standards that conserve energy.  Continue reading which incandescent light bulbs meet the efficiency standards and are extremely affordable. Continue reading “Light Bulb Ban around the World?”