Honeyed Peach Cake

Gayle and Enzo’s Honeyed Peach Cake recipe served at Tater Farms during Tour de Farm 2012:

4-5 Florida peaches        good balsamic vinegar
1 stick butter                     dry cake mix or your favorite recipe cake batter

Slice fresh Florida peaches (4-5 depending on size) into a mixing bowl.  Drizzle a good quality balsamic vinegar over the peaches and then drizzle with local raw honey (we used autumn wildflower but your favorite flavor will work).  Stir all ingredients together.

Spray or rub the bottom of a cake pan with a light coating of oil (vegetable or similar).  Layer the honeyed peaches on the bottom of the pan and cover with your favorite white cake batter.  Another option is to purchase a prepared dry cake batter mix and sprinkle the dry mix over the peaches.  Melt one stick of butter and pour over the top of the cake mix or batter.  Bake in a 350° oven for approximately 20 minutes.  Serve warm or room temperature.

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