Sad Day for Florida’s Waterways!

Maybe you are new to Florida or perhaps you have been here you know about the 1972 Clean Water Act and Florida's lack of water pollution standards? After the EPA told Florida they had to set water standards in 1998 to comply with the 1972 Clean Water Act, and, in 2008 no water pollution … Continue reading Sad Day for Florida’s Waterways!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As October draws to a close and the focus on Breast Cancer diminishes, I want to share a story I read that highlights one of the causes of breast cancer, not only in women, but also men. According to Wikipedia, Trichloroethylene (TCE) became widely used in the 1920's as anesthesia and then used in dry cleaning … Continue reading Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Summer, the Beach and Clean Water

As the heat of summer descends upon us, more people think about going to the beach. This is the first year since my knee surgery that I am able to walk on the beach and I am walking in shallow water as part of my physical therapy. There are always families with dogs and babies … Continue reading Summer, the Beach and Clean Water