Contraband Hospital Waste Returns To The US

Customs Agents recently intercepted a ship with 15 containers of US Hospital waste at a port in northern Brazil as reported by Fox News.  Apparently the 46.6 Ton load of used syringes, bedding and other hospital waste were shipped through a South Carolina exporter and all cargo bore logos of US hospitals, labeled as defective … Continue reading Contraband Hospital Waste Returns To The US

Eco-awareness…a mindset!

Walking my dog around the neighborhood this week has been a "New Year" eye-opening experience.  Even though most folks make an effort to reduce landfill waste by recycling I was disappointed on my "garbage day" walk this week.  There were multiple garbage cans by the street, stuffed with compostable cardboard boxes, bottles, cans, gift cards, … Continue reading Eco-awareness…a mindset!

Treecycling For Your Christmas Tree

The EPA estimates about 33 million Christmas trees are sold every year while the debate about real vs. artificial trees continues.  By the way, did you know the first artificial tree was made by a toilet bowl brush company?  When you read about the value of treecycling you will wonder which option is better...a real … Continue reading Treecycling For Your Christmas Tree