Sustainable Energy for Green Business Around the World

I'm pleased to publish this article on Sustainable Energy from a guest writer, Sam Marquit. Sam is an independent "green" contractor

Attend the Florida Friendly Landscape Symposium

Homeowners around the state have encountered difficulties with city officials, HOAs and Architectural Boards when replacing their dead lawns with drought-tolerant native landscaping even with Florida Statutes backing their decisions.  There have been several lawsuits filed against homeowners who have chosen to move ahead with their FFL yards, yet I do not know of one … Continue reading Attend the Florida Friendly Landscape Symposium

Radiant Floor Heating and Cooling

I was fortunate to attend one day of the International Builders' Show last week in Orlando.  The Show itself offered acres of elaborate vendor exhibits with the newest gadgets and innovations not to mention the celebrities, chocolates and giveaways to attract builders and consumers to the booth.  The central theme of the products was definitely … Continue reading Radiant Floor Heating and Cooling